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 Helpful guide to modding your Arma

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PostSubject: Helpful guide to modding your Arma   Helpful guide to modding your Arma EmptySat Sep 20, 2008 5:01 pm

Ok here is a quick modding guide for those of you that want to addon to your game like the rest of us. This will be posted in the public section as well for our guests of C5 and the newcomers we have been getting recently.

To mod your Arma first you will need to know the basic folder layout to get to yoru Arma folder. Go to My Computer (Computer for Vista users)--->Local Drive X (X being the main drive you use on your computer)----->Program Files----->Atari (Bohemian Interactive for non Atari version). Then you should see a folder named ArmA.

Now right click the ArmA folder. Go to Send to...----> Click Desktop. This will create a shortcut to the arma folder to make this process easier.

Go into the ArmA folder and create a new folder called @yourname (yourname being whatever you like). Go into that and create a folder called Addons. Now all you have to do to add something is go into the addon you want to add and grab the PBO files and anyother files the addon asks you to use and put them in that addon folder.

To finalize this process you need to make another Arma shortcut for your game. To do this right click your Arma game shortcut on your desktop and click Copy. Then right click anywhere on your desktop and click Paste.

Rename the shortcut something like Arma Modded or something like then and add to your target line the line -mod=@yourname -nosplash.

-nosplash is so you can avoid all the annoying credits and ads at the beginning when you start up.

Your target line should look something like this if you don't have Queens Gambit:
Helpful guide to modding your Arma Armamodded

If you do have Queen's Gambit another mod will already have been added called DBE1. That line will like like -mod=DBE1. To add another mod add a ";" to the end of the mod line and then add your next mod. Example -mod=DBE1; -mod=@yourname -nosplash

And thats all there is to it, Happy Modding!
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Helpful guide to modding your Arma
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