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PostSubject: RANK STRUCTURE   RANK STRUCTURE EmptyThu Mar 20, 2008 4:51 pm

Rank Structures:

While much of what occurs within -C5- ranking is traditional, many officer roles are quite non-traditional. -C5- may be the only clan where you might find a General taking instruction on the battlefield from a Corporal. The reason for this is that some officer roles within -C5- are non-battlefield purposeful. Some members who have non-battle related skills such as web building, graphics development, or public communication may be offered an officer's role in the organization without necessarily being a great squad leader or close quarter combatant in -C5-. This non-traditional approach to rank structure is designed to accomplish several things. The prime goal of the non-traditional structure is to encourage open communication between all ranks. We strive to keep "bad politics" out of -C5-, and believe that open communication between members without fear of retribution is important in breeding morale, camaraderie, and personal responsibility in our members.

Outside of some non-traditional officer roles, ranking among the enlisted and many officers remains traditional (USMC). While there are not defined rules for advancement (such as battle statistics or duration within clan), -C5- generally promotes those who have shown dedication to improving -C5- in some way, by bettering themselves as a player, participating in -C5- events, or by consistently displaying integrity in battle. We understand that growing in rank is part of the fun of being a part of a clan, and we are committed to making sure our members enjoy their time with -C5- and are rewarded for their efforts.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ranking, feel free to approach us with your inquiry. We are always happy to help.


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