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 If You Are Interested In Joining

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PostSubject: If You Are Interested In Joining   If You Are Interested In Joining EmptyThu Mar 20, 2008 4:29 am

Cerberus Five is an Armed Assault Clan based on friendship and cooperation. We try not to dictate like some other groups that you may find out there and we are here for your training, needs, and most importantly, FUN! We attempt to run five man fire teams at times, but we also heed to your chosen weapon of choice. If you want to shoot a BFG, or a G-36, we won't stop you. We'll help you get proficient in the weapon so that you will be a great player.

We are patient, and understanding of players that start off slow, and we expect the experts to be patient with anyone that is new as well. We won't run off and leave you, we won't tolerate lamers, hackers, smack-tards, or any other name you can pin on a player that is just plain immature. We've all seen the team killers and we don't have them on the server.

We play for the fun more than the realism. If something's not fun, we don't deal with it, we mix up our games and have a great variety of games to make your experience a good one. Come try us out if you are interested! We expect respect and courtesy from all people that might be interested in joining our wonderful group.

Send Your Email To {cowboydel@hotmail.com} And We Will Contact You. Or Just Visit Our Team Speak At {ts2.squadserver.com:8832}
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If You Are Interested In Joining
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